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Here are some of my original Rave flyers from the second summer of love in England 1988 and 1989 including famous parties such as Unit 4 in Battersea London, Andromeda, Dance Party, Energy, Phantasy, Sunrise, Labyrinth, Rage, and battle of the DJs.

I have collected over 30,000 flyers from the dance era 1987 to 1999 and designed a few along the way including many backdrops back in the day. I will gradually scan and post more as time goes by and even though I do not want to sell my most precious ones, I am willing to negotiate a realistic price if someone was the DJ or went to the event and met their partner there and want to surprise them with it framed?  then I am willing to let some go but mainly dating after 1991.

Enjoy the memories;)

inquiries contact: Mark Lewis by email:

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