The last couple of years I have found more time to spend on the famous Strand Map mural by adding many more commissions from local small independent shops, business vans, private homes, people walking along the beach including families having a BBQ, couples and dogs, families on boats and personal memorials to loved ones that have passed at their favorite places on the map.

Imagine having yourself depicted on the map where ever you like for the next 76 years for just £50! or your home, pub, shop or business van driving around the Pompey roads for £150, you really can not get a better deal anywhere and at the same time you are also helping to fund a multi-award winning community arts organisation to carry on their good work.

Remember this is the only ever-changing mural on the planet (adding more detail) and as we have a 99-year lease of the wall! there can never be a commercial billboard defacing it.

We have just registered the mural with the Guinness World Records and at present waiting confirmation.

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Strand Gallery – 2021