ART27 is a project that aims to build on our cultural community outreach work to create and facilitate model ‘culturally and socially led’ projects and courses that can be rolled out anywhere in the UK, Europe and International.

ART 27 aims to share the powerful impact of Art with the most impoverished and marginalized inner city and town communities. This will be done through encouraging community participation and running multi-faceted (arts led) projects that foster community involvement, empowerment, improve the physical environment, promote economic development and preserve indigenous art and culture.

Operating within the structure, aims and objectives of  The Art & Soul Traders CIC and the principles of Article 27 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states:

“Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits”.

We feel that a future flourishing of creative diversity requires the full implications of cultural rights as defined in Article 27.

The key points

  • To create an International arts/media development network
  • Offering and facilitating quality creative courses and programmes that encompass traditional, modern, contemporary and progressive, indoor and outdoor ‘arts led’ activities.

Why it is special?

ART 27 offers a uniquely varied ‘package’ of educational and creative activities within the heart of the community, appealing to a wide spectrum of participants from local volunteers to European work placements. Helping through education in creative studies whilst trying to break down social barriers and raise public awareness about the importance of community spirit, regeneration and sustainable planning.

ART 27 carries on the good work the A&ST achieved at the Arts lodge and aims to reach those underrepresented in society and actively does this through outreach. Our courses have been aimed at those who have had little or no formal learning in the last few years and we have been very successful in targeting and facilitating these groups.

“What makes us different from anyone else is that because we’ve grown organically out of social enterprise and community spirit this is our culture, we think of the end user and added value. Rather that chasing the profits, we look at how finance can help achieve our social goals”.

Mark Lewis. Founder. Lodge Arts Centre