The old gatekeeper’s lodge in Victoria Park has seen innumerable transformations since it was built over one hundred years ago in 1878. The lodge fell into desolation in the early 1990s and was left relinquished after 2 fires.

Recognizing the potential for this building, Mark Lewis secured a £50,000 capital grant from the SRB (Single Regeneration Budget) and £10,000 from Portsmouth city council in the year 2001.  The Lodge was then elevated from the embers by ‘Project Phoenix ‘with the help from dozens of enthusiastic volunteers.

Whilst winning the best restoration award from the Portsmouth Society, unveiled by Tom Blair Lord Mayor in 2003.

It was home to a gallery, fair-trade vegan and vegetarian café, multi-media suite, studio, bar, office and a workshop for most crafts situated in its enchanted garden.