Summary of Programme

Our remit was to create a colourful and aesthetically pleasing mural for the users of the underpass inspired by the name and location of the subway. 

Approx size 400ft x 8ft of mural space including both sides.

Our creative team of designers of The Art & Soul Traders created a mural based on the theme of an underwater aquarium metal tank, with various windows looking into the deep blue sea. These panels stretch the entire subway on both sides and feature many different sea life, creatures, and sunken treasure.

There were initial consultations with our artists and the local community before ideas were finalised with Colas and the project manager.

The painting sessions lasted for approximately two-three weeks with x2 professional artists and a production manager/ artist supervising the work.

The emphasis was placed on creating a colourful vibrant and cheerful environment for the local community and workers that walk through the mural.

The final production was covered with anti-graffiti varnish that can be wiped free from marker pen and spray can marks.


Method Statement

The artists were working on one side of the subway at a time leaving one side free for pedestrians to still use the route from Stamshaw to the entrance to Whale Island.

This was coned off with hazard tape through the middle of the walkway.

Paints including sprays are all lead-free, CFC free and are water-based acrylic. When spraying or painting large areas we will cease painting every 15 minutes for 5 minutes to let the air flow through the tunnel and to give artists and pedestrians the minimal amount of paint fumes.

All materials not in use are locked away in our vehicle and no paints are disposed of in the area. All materials in use are placed in front of artists and never left unsupervised.

Artists have CRB checks and we hold public liability insurance for £5 million. We run as a, not for profit social enterprise that reinvests back into our community.



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