In 2004 the Lodge Arts Centre worked in partnership with Havant Borough Council and Waterlooville town manager and the local community centre to create a mural (X 2 Approx 50ft x 9ft) in the underpass in Waterlooville town centre Hampshire.

The mural was painted by three artists and one lead artist/ coordinator who are employed by the Arts Lodge (Art & Soul Traders).

Local school children (and the public) helped the artists to design and paint the mural in a series of consultations workshops and painting workshops on site 

The project took place over a two month period.


Week 1

Consultation sessions in local schools or community centres

  1. 10/02/04 6pm Hulbert Junior School   (voluntary)
  2. 8/03/04 00pm – 6.00pm Stakes Community Centre
  3. 9/03/04 00pm ­­­­– 6.00pm Cowplain Activity Centre
  4. 10/03/04 00pm – 6.00pm Waterlooville Community Centre
  5. 10/03/04 30pm – 7.30pm Floating

Week 2

Design Consultation   17/03/04  4.30pm – 6.00pm

Waterlooville Community Centre

Painting times:  Start date 29th March 2004 10am – 5pm 

Week 3

Painting times/ Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

Week 4

Painting/ Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

Finish Date for painting 16th April 2004

Fun day/ Unveiling by local Mayor


  1. Artists Involved 

The following artists were involved

Mark Lewis coordinator/  lead artist

Oliver Merkin/ Artist

Elizabeth Brown/ Artist

Erik Masen/ Artist