One large past commission of £20,000 in 2005 was from Jane Chandler the head at Portsmouth University Science and Technology department where we employed 14 local artists to undertake 32 canvases to adore two floors and hallways in the university building. The unveiling day was held at the university with the artists, university staff and opened by the Lord Mayor.

ARTIST’S CONTRIBUTIONS University of Portsmouth

ARTIST                          CONTRIBUTION         TITLE

Mikquita                          Poetry                              The Four Seasons

Mikquita                          Poetry                              The Rainbow

Mikquita                          Poetry                              The Peacock

Mikquita                          Poetry                              The Fish

Mikquita                          Poetry                              The Butterflies

Stephen P. Clarke            Verse                               The Servants of


Jon Adams                       Verse                               Tide Flow (853)

Jon Adams                       Verse                               Silent Shoreline

Matt Dixon                      University Painting          Cosmology

Matt Dixon                      University Painting          Algorithmic equation

Matt Dixon                      University Painting          Pythagorean Theorem

Matt Dixon                      University Painting          Sunspots

Lizzie May Brown           Artwork                           Corduroy Bubbles

Lizzie May Brown           Artwork                           Chunky Flower Trio

Oliver Merkin                  Artwork                           Two Worlds

Oliver Merkin                  Artwork                           Mask

Oliver Merkin                  Artwork                           Tassili

Oliver Merkin                  Artwork                           Gold Canvas

Emily Burrowes               Task Description              Megachip

Clementina D’Ascoli       Verse                               (Mayan)

Joanne Wilkinson            Art on Canvas                  Untitled

Darryl De Beugny           Art Synopsis

Laura Morris          Inspiration   Pool 5

Mark Lewis      Chaotic Orange/ Unisoon/ Square bubbles/ Its all that is made/ Babbage