How you can help to preserve Portsmouth’s largest artwork


The Strand mural is planned to last over 100 years – but its exposed position and proximity to the sea means that regular maintenance is needed to keep the elements at bay.

For the last 11 years we have seen damage caused by salt efflorescence, requiring areas to be scraped back and re-primed. Algae build up on expansion joints requires specialist treatment with ‘Keim Algicid’ solution.

The recent grant application – currently awaiting a decision – covers the costs necessary for upkeep, along with some modest expansion and improvement to the immediate area.

  • Permission has been granted for an expansion to the mural along the side wall of the adjacent convenience store, depicting a relaxing garden scene of blue sky, Oak tree, plants and flowers, animals.
  • A new metal bench, made by our local blacksmith, is planned – mainly to enable our senior citizens to rest on and enjoy the details of the mural.
    The cobble stones need levelling to ensure they remain safe, and the index sculpture that sits in front of the mural needs updating with information about the local attractions for tourists.
  • Other costs include eco-friendly mineral paints, brushes, tools, 4 x location plaques, artist fees, scaffolding and hire of a scissor lift for 2 weeks.
  • Also on the wish list is the purchase and installation of a telescope on the other side of the road – just like the ones on the seafront that allow you to view distant details up close.

As you can see, even if we receive the TLC grant from Eastney and Craneswater ward we always need to spend money on keeping this mural perfect, so donations are always welcome.

Donate £50 or more – and be added to the mural

Donations of £50 or more qualify you, your pet, your shop or your business to be immortalised and painted into the mural itself.  You could your business van with logo and contact on the side, sailing on the Solent in your boat, in the sport car you always dreamed of – or choose memorials for loved ones, or an unbeatable birthday surprise. We are only limited by our imaginations!

Include your email so we can discuss how you’ll be depicted in Portsmouth’s largest artwork!

Include your email so we can discuss how you’ll be depicted in Portsmouth’s largest artwork!