By kindly donating to the Art & Soul Traders CIC, you’ll be enabling us to carry on our multi-awarding winning community work and helping creative professionals to share their experience and skills to the next generation.

We have spent the last 17 years founding, renovating, running, and funding the famous Arts Lodge with no revenue wages or support from our council. This was only possible by Mark and others giving their time and money to support the arts centre through the hard times and since our unlawful eviction we have found it difficult to get back on track due to the loss. Mark lost everything he has worked for his whole adult life, his teenage dream of a community art centre which he actually made come true only for it to be ripped away from him after all he did for so many in favour of big business.

It is well documented the injustice we were served by our council and the preceding backlash to what they did to such a much loved and well-respected community hub (lost the election and vote of no confidence) yet we do not want to dwell on it but we do want to look to the future now and start offering many more exhibitions, courses, workshops, art projects, festivals, and events again. Even a new venue or the Arts Lodge back could be in the pipeline in the future so building up the team and gathering revenue and drawing up projects is what we are busy doing at present.

If you like what we do and want to see more of it happening near you or around the world then please give as much as you can afford, to be honest, we have always looked at money as just being a means to a creative end and as we want to spread the word and a myriad of hues far and wide we really need your help. x

You can also write to us at

Art & Soul Traders CIC/ secretary

16 Carlton House, Western Parade, Southsea, Hampshire, England, PO5 3ED

Thank you from the bottom of our heARTs :)