This is Bob Woolgers last gym he set up in Southsea after he left London and where he trained Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was first starting out in the bodybuilding business. Bobs daughter Diane commissioned me back in 2001 to paint the whole 3 floors of the building where the gym is based on the ground floor and basement where it is said lies the first sauna in the country!

Diane knew what she wanted with a Roman theme and I added more detail as we went along. The concept is to be climbing up the stairs where the view changed with you so the higher you step the higher the view until you get to the clouds at the top and a beautiful vista.

The Roman stone cabinet holds maybe the definitive history of Arnolds raise to fame with every clipping, magazine, and programme. He still visits very occasionally and has commented he thinks the murals are great and he will be back! (sorry;)