We started to change the Arts Lodge front roadside fence in May 2016 after we received the sudden  and unexpected termination letter from our local Tory council to vacate the building after 17 years of award winning community work.

A local work experience student Selena Wild designed the wording for the  fence and helped paint it with her friend Megan Barker  also, Lorrie Slee,  who painted  a lot of the mural and added many new additions to the design. There was also help from children in workshops including Jesma and Nathan and a few European work placement students  joined in who at the Arts lodge over the summer.

Then they painted it brown

An intricate woodland scene, animals, trees, plants, fruits, vegetables and insects  gave extra life to Victoria Park and was a colourful  welcome into the City of Portsmouth!

Sadly the many hours of painstaking creativity were literally washed away by the City Council with brown paint soon after our eviction in the new year.